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Do you take insurance?


We work with many insurance networks.  When you schedule your first appointment we will ask you to provide us with your insurance information to verify your benefits.  Should your insurance not cover physical therapy at Ideal Wellness we have cash rates that are affordable and competitive with other local physical therapy offices.  


What is Dry Needling?


Dry needling is a skilled manual technique using thin filament needles to penetrate muscular trigger points or other soft tissue dysfunctions.  Trigger points can limit range of motion, decreased strength and be a source of pain.  Dry needling is a tool that physical therapists use to assist in the treatment of the dysfunction to allow for the return of normalized joint activity.  


How long are the appointments?


Appointments vary based on the patient's needs.  Most treatments are approximately 45-1 hour.  

​What is Aquatic Therapy?


Aqutic therapy is physical therapy exercise in water that will provide joint distraction, increase strength, range of motion and decreased pain due to decreased pressure upon the joint.  The therapist works in the water with you to allow for maximal benefit of the session.  The compressive forces of the water also allows for decreased swelling within the joint.  Each treatment is approximately 60 minutes long.  


Do you need to know how to swim to do aquatic therapy?


No you do not need to know how to swim as all treatments are with the physical therapist and utilize appropriate flotation devices during all deep water activity.  



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